Cradle Mountain in the Snow – with Luke Tscharke

By May 26, 2018 BTS

Sometimes the weather just has to dictate what your shooting.

Planning a weekend to catch up and go camping with a good mate, Luke Tscharke, is just a massive bonus of living in Australia with our amazing scenery. While we were going back and forth throwing ideas around about places to films and explore in Tasmania (Luke’s new home), the weather forcast changed to some wild storms and weather, a late snow was forcast for the Alpine regions (mainly Cradle Mountain) and our destination became apparent.

Cradle Mountain in the snow has been on my list of places to visit for quiet awhile, the chance to be up in the mountains with these conditions was too good to pass up and we locked it in.

Arriving late Friday night in the cold (compared to my home town of Sydney) we made plans to head up to “Cradle” mid-morning, hoping to catch some snow on Mt Wellington for sunrise.

After waking up early and finding the access roads to Mt Wellengton closed due to snow and ice, we starting looking for our plan-B, better know as Coffee and pastries. So it was that after a relaxing moring in Hobarts Salamanca markets and a belly full of coffee we headed up to Cradle mountain and started our hike up to Twisted Lakes (planned shooting destination) and our overnite at Rodway hut.

Take a look at the short video above to see the amazing conditions we were blessed with and the beautiful twisted lakes with Cradle Mountain as its back drop.



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